2011 Year of Lovely Things

As I have written before, the idea is to make a list of simple, fun activities for each week of the year. There’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do! 53 weeks in 2011 = one lovely thing each week.

If I write about an activity, there’ll be a link to that post from here. The activities that are completed but not blogged will just be crossed out.

53 Lovely Things For 2011

a shirt | a felt story-board for Bebe | rolled beeswax candles | a poem for Mr. P | a couple go-to baby gifts | knit [update: crochet!] something small & pretty | a Steiner doll | a garland | shadow puppets for Bebe | a freezer paper stencil
vegetable soup | mini gingerbread houses | a proper tart crust | granola bars | a King cake | crepes | cupcakes | crackers | campfire s’mores | macaroons
support local food bank | donate at a local blood drive | volunteer on a National Day of Service project | support local Child Advocacy center | volunteer with a Habitat for Humanity build | adopt a cat or dog from an animal rescue/shelter
get a haircut | paint toenails red, red, red | have a glass of champagne | stay at a B&B | buy a skein of pretty yarn
make jam | some basic French vocabulary | make tasty pickles | use a drop spindle properly | serge a seam | knit socks
a crafty playdate | an Iron Chef-style potluck | a wine & cheese gathering
birdwatching | take a wildflower walk | dancing with Mr. P | visit a Smithsonian museum | nap with Bebe | visit a bee keeper | harvest fruit | visit the Grand Canyon | have a picnic | sled down a hill | visit a wildlife preserve or nature center | fishing | visit a Children’s Museum


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