2010 Year of Lovely Things

As I have written before, the idea is to make a list of simple, fun activities for each week of the year. There’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do! 53 weeks in 2010 = one lovely thing each week.

If I write about an activity, there’ll be a link to that post from here. The activities that are completed but not blogged will just be crossed out. For the 2 big goals on the bottom, there will be thumbnails added.

53 Lovely Things For 2010

MAKE clothes for Bebe | candy | a puppet | a family photo wall | something lovely | stuff for Ravelympics | paint a wall mural | a book for Bebe | a skirt and/or dress | a sweater | BAKE a new dessert | bread | a turkey | cinnamon rolls | 5 new vegetarian dishes | GIVE time & money to local food bank | a nice treat for Mr. Perches | knit baby hat for local hospital | participate in a local blood drive | a love note for Mr. Perches | knit hat for local homeless shelter | time for a Habitat for Humanity house build | knit hat for Nest Maine | donate backpack items to Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center | PAMPER get a manicure | do mehndi | dye hair a crazy color for a little while | go see a movie | paint toenails bright purple | LEARN a new dance step | more sign language (ASL) | try canning/preserving something | HOST a hanami (cherry blossom viewing party/picnic) | a bubble-blowing party for families | a $5 thriftstore contest (see who can get the coolest purchase for under $5) | a board game night | a Family Dinner | some kind of online -along | gathering of ice cream sundaes | party with a color theme | friends over for cocoa & decorate cookies | a progressive party | GO to the beach | visit a museum | puddle-jumping after a big rain | take a photo field trip | camping with Bebe | berry-picking | have a formal tea | listen to live music | attend a free concert at the Kennedy Center | visit a local lavender farm | roll down a hill

2 fun goals for 2010:
100 pretty things: make a lot of pretty things

valentines garland valentines gifts tree stamp carving

1. valentines garland
2 – 4. onesie with an applique heart, a felt heart pin, a heart-shaped lavender sachet
5. carved winter tree stamp

lime 2 saartje 2 saartje 1 ysolda garter mitts

6. lime vest
7-8. saartje’s booties (nb & 2T pairs)
9. garter stitch mitts (mine)
10. garter stitch mitts (mother-in-law)

faraway front messenger bird at rest

11. faraway, so close shawl
12-13. 2 pr saartje’s booties
14. garter mitts (gift)
15. messenger bird

RenFaire farmwife smock - on bebe

16-18. Elizabethan farmwife garb: 2 skirts, bodice, and chemise
19-20. toddler rennaissance smock (& then everyday shirt)

huck pants are go happy elephant garland

21-22. 2pr huck pants for Bebe
23-24. 2 embellished t-shirts for Bebe
25. elephant garland

damson1 helmet liner top down garter yoke vest

26. anthropologie-inspired
27. summer vest
28. damson shawl
29. gusseted helmet liner
30. top down garter st yoke vest

bowlful of bees bee theme halloween shroomies in hand autumn leaves

31. pipecleaner bees
32. beekeeper costume (embellished straw hat & painter’s coveralls)
33. flower fairy costume
34-36. knitted mushrooms
37-39. knitted oak leaves

berry sweet tee clove satsumas snow star solstice candleholder embroidered star ornaments

40. berry sweet tee
41. clementine & clove pomanders
42. giant paper snowflake star
43. winter solstice votive
44-47. embroidered felt star ornaments

pink tree felt tree - shadows felt tree - greens paper tree - teals

48. felt tree #1
49. felt tree #2
50. felt tree #3
51. paper shingle tree
52. felt tree advent calendar

bell ornaments paper star ornaments salt dough snowflakes snowflake pendant glittery pinecones - red

53-65. jingle bell ornaments
66-78. paper star ornaments
79-90. salt dough snowflakes
91. snowflake pendant
92-102. glittery pinecone ornaments

wonderland tea tags abyssal wip2 decorated-autumn

103-111. felt tea bags (party favors)
112. painted 4 seasons mug
113. abyssal shawl
114. felt travel clutch for knitting accessories

100 desserts: try new dessert recipes

galette des rois 2010 - with crown lemon cake molasses drops peanut butter cookies orange glazed cinnamon rolls

1. galette des rois
2. lemon cakes
3. Old Fashioned Molasses Drops
4. peanut butter cookies
5. orange-glazed cinnamon rolls

orange scones honey pecan baked apples snickerdoodles lavender cookies raspberry cream cake

6. orange morning scones
7. honey pecan baked apples
8. snickerdoodles
9. lavender cookies
10. raspberry buttermilk cake

berry tart closeup peach blackberry tart raspberry mint syrup w poundcake pan de coco cherry almond clafoutis

11. shortbread summer berries tart
12. peach and blackberry tart
13. poundcake with raspberry mint syrup
14. coconut bread (pan de coco)
15. cherry clafoutis (clafoutis aux cerises)

milk honey peach cake beet cake autumn decorator cookies 2 daisies

16. peaches, milk & honey cake
17. sweet honey cornbread
18. beet cake
19. frosted sugar cookies
20. daisies

banana pecan bread fig cake cardamon shortbread chocolate meringues pear almond pudding cake

21. banana pecan bread
22. fig cake
23. cardamon shortbread cookies
24. chocolate meringues
25. pear and almond pudding cake

red velvet cake pops cream scones pumpkin pie sweet potato cream pie apple spice cake

26. red velvet cake pops
27. cream scones
28. pumpkin pie
29. sweet potato cream pie
30. apple spice cake

tarte noir snowman - mini doughnut pebbernodder apricot balls honey yogurt pie

31. tarte noire
32. mini doughnut snowmen
33. pebbernodder cookies
34. apricot balls
35. greek yogurt & honey pie


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