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17 02 2011

What would you do on a warmly unwinterish day, when the sky is that perfect clear blue and the breeze feels like a kind hand skimming across your face?

If you’re Bebe, that day might involve running down the street, yearning mightily over an antique wooden train set, marveling over wind toys staked outside the museum shop, and happily munching on sweet potato fries. For two mamas, the day also included browsing through antique malls, finding a cat napping in a shop’s window display, great lunch, and hours of good conversation.

Today Bebe and I headed into the historic downtown area of Fredericksburg, VA, together with my Summer Vintage Swap partner (Nancy of summer sky: learning as I go). We have been planning a Vintage Browsing/Shopping trip for several months – it was delightful to finally meet each other in person and go exploring.

I found these pretty vintage pieces:

vintage daytrip finds

a pair of crocheted doilies; a set of sky-blue buttons and one fancy button; and a really soft, embellished table linen. Sweet!

I am sewing the doilies onto some of the bird fabric I mentioned last week. My original thought (and reason for purchasing the doilies) was to make a small embellished bag for carrying around my craft or knitting projects. I still love this idea, but it’s also occured to me that these would make lovely quilt squares – the doilies over the bird fabrics like lacy nests, with simple off-white squares interspersed between the embellished squares.

doily embellishment

However, I still have to finish the rainbow picnic blanket from last summer (eeesh), so probably I should just stick with making project bags. Ne?

For more sewing fun, check out the Sewing Bee at Adirondack Mama.


bloom interrupted

10 02 2011

Participating in Creative Kismet’s handmade brooch exchange, I browsed through Flickr to get help pep me through finishing my brooches.

brooch inspiration mosaic

Can you tell I am dreaming of spring? The colors in this collection are darkling and wintry, but after I looking at my finds, I saw the patterns of bird, blossom, trees and forest creatures. These are all so very lovely, I’d love to own/make one of each.

brooch photos : credits

1. Organic Cotton Crochet Brooch, 2. nest, 3. blackwork brooches, 4. jewellery, 5. Chelle’s Brooch, 6. Brooch Giveaway!, 7. New Leaves Brooch, 8. 5 Cowslip pins/brooch, 9. Fragments Brooch, 10. Star Baby Pins, 11. wee treelings, 12. ghost moth brooch, 13. IMG_5001, 14. Vogelbroschen, 15. Nuevos broches

For the brooch set that I’m making, everything is cut out and ready for assembly, but after rustling and searching and sorting through my jewelry supplies, I cannot find my pin backs. Mrah! Arghh…. So there’s a trek to the craft store this evening, and then my little assembly line start back up again.

sakura brooches wip

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