#1: the house

3 01 2012

[As you may have noticed, late 2011 was a crap-tacular period of blogging Void. Big life changes required all our bandwidth, and I didn’t really want to share three months of slogging through & exhaustion – that’s no fun to read, and I’m sure you have your own to deal with.

BUT the outcome of all of that are at least 2 cool joys. Here is #1.]

Oy! Admittedly, I wasn’t one of the big, strong guys unloading stuff from the semi-flatbed moving truck today. They kindly put me in charge of checking off progress on the inventory lists. And meanwhile try to corral a high-energy kiddo within a designated safe/play zone. And puzzle over possible contents of boxes that have been in storage for nearly three years.

Still: this mama is tired. And I forgot to take pictures of the chaos – although I’m sure you’ll get that tomorrow when the unpacking commences. Fun, ne?

Actually, it is totally fun. Our first house! Six years of dreaming and saving and job changes and moving have finally led us into our Very Own front door.

A red door.

Totally fun.


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