goodnight moon

31 03 2012

aka: actually following up with a Pinterest idea

goodnight moon

My sister introduced me to Pinterest in December, and I’ve been cautiously enthralled since then. Enthralled, because really – who doesn’t like to collect great ideas for future reference? Cautiously, because it can be a huge time-suck & because there is a gap between the gathering of Inspiration and actually Making or Doing something. Case in point? Most of my food-related pins languish untried… although the very few recipes I’ve attempted have been sooo delicious. Nom nom. Thank you, internet community.

I have been using my virtual pinboards quite a bit as we figure out our new home – paint colors, arranging things, etc. And I love so many of the ideas for kids’ spaces. For Bebe, I became geekily excited when I saw these gorgeous Christmas moons at Marie Claire Idees.

Minus the lovely glass or crystal chandelier bits – not exactly child-friendly – I thought that these giant crescent moons would be perfect for my boy. We have at least four copies of the Goodnight Moon books, which were originally given to us/him as baby presents, and he has loved each and every copy to a state of battered, gnawed on, torn-and-taped, bookish bits. So making him a giant moon softie went on my list for To Do ASAP.

And guess what? Instant love.

He helped me sort through my fabric pile (literally, it’s still a pile after three months of unpacking : shameful). We picked out a big scrap piece of heavy cotton duckcloth, drew the big circles together, and he happily watched me cut the pattern. Mr. P helpfully lured him away with promises of dish washing – lately our boy gets seriously excited by nightly dish cleaning – so that I had time to sew the pieces together and begin stuffing. Bebe came back as I stuffed the last few tufts inside and began stitching up the gap.

Originally, I’d thought that I would hang the moon on his wall or from the ceiling or something – whimsical room decor, ne? And I tacked a bit of lace in a loop in a top seam (badly placed for balance, as things turn out).

goodnight moon - decor

But Bebe immediately took charge and carried it off with demands for Mr. P to read him the eponymous bedtime story. And he slept with it all night, then carried it out of bed the next morning, propped it carefully near to hand for naptime, etc. He’s basically rolled around with it all over the house, which means the moon has already collected bits of dustbunny fuzz and random hair and required an interval of quick cleaning.

“It’s my goodnight moon,” he says. “You can hold it for a little bit, but I need it for sleeping. It’s my favorite -” which melts a crafty mama’s heart a lot, “- and so is my race car.”

goodnight moon - and car



moon at perigee

19 03 2011

There’ll be a full moon at perigee tonight, big and bright and beautiful, so here are a few things in honor of the moon.


see what NASA has to say about perigee moons

learn about the mythical Moon Rabbit, the East Asian version our Man on the Moon


knitted bunny nuggets, free pattern by Rebecca Danger (available on Ravelry).

bunny nugget left bunny nugget right

My bunnies have different ears, so see my Rav notes if you’d like these tweaky mods.


I made an etsy treasury full of lunar pretties


Japanese-American drumming group performs traditional music & dance at a festival in California


because I heart Cat Power (“The Moon“) at all times

cut the bonds with the moon… (“the moon” – swell season, live)

another mild and sweet song (“Honey & The Moon” by Joseph Arthur)

and something fun and summery from Walk The Moon (“Anna Sun”)


adorable bunny breads!! Great inspiration mosaic, ne? I’m going to try making these between now and Easter.

bunny bread mosaic

1. Easter bunny bao (steamed buns), 2. Kyousagi — Pyon!, 3. Hanazono-Manju’s Usagi-Manju, 4. Rabbit bread, 5. Bunny Bread, 6. Bunny Bun, 7. bunny, 8. Bunny Bread!, 9. Wabbit season, 10. Honey Bunnies, 11. bunny bread, 12. Sourdough Easter Bunny

If you have any other great moon links, leave a note in the comments. Hope you get to enjoy the moonrise tonight!

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