goodnight moon

31 03 2012

aka: actually following up with a Pinterest idea

goodnight moon

My sister introduced me to Pinterest in December, and I’ve been cautiously enthralled since then. Enthralled, because really – who doesn’t like to collect great ideas for future reference? Cautiously, because it can be a huge time-suck & because there is a gap between the gathering of Inspiration and actually Making or Doing something. Case in point? Most of my food-related pins languish untried… although the very few recipes I’ve attempted have been sooo delicious. Nom nom. Thank you, internet community.

I have been using my virtual pinboards quite a bit as we figure out our new home – paint colors, arranging things, etc. And I love so many of the ideas for kids’ spaces. For Bebe, I became geekily excited when I saw these gorgeous Christmas moons at Marie Claire Idees.

Minus the lovely glass or crystal chandelier bits – not exactly child-friendly – I thought that these giant crescent moons would be perfect for my boy. We have at least four copies of the Goodnight Moon books, which were originally given to us/him as baby presents, and he has loved each and every copy to a state of battered, gnawed on, torn-and-taped, bookish bits. So making him a giant moon softie went on my list for To Do ASAP.

And guess what? Instant love.

He helped me sort through my fabric pile (literally, it’s still a pile after three months of unpacking : shameful). We picked out a big scrap piece of heavy cotton duckcloth, drew the big circles together, and he happily watched me cut the pattern. Mr. P helpfully lured him away with promises of dish washing – lately our boy gets seriously excited by nightly dish cleaning – so that I had time to sew the pieces together and begin stuffing. Bebe came back as I stuffed the last few tufts inside and began stitching up the gap.

Originally, I’d thought that I would hang the moon on his wall or from the ceiling or something – whimsical room decor, ne? And I tacked a bit of lace in a loop in a top seam (badly placed for balance, as things turn out).

goodnight moon - decor

But Bebe immediately took charge and carried it off with demands for Mr. P to read him the eponymous bedtime story. And he slept with it all night, then carried it out of bed the next morning, propped it carefully near to hand for naptime, etc. He’s basically rolled around with it all over the house, which means the moon has already collected bits of dustbunny fuzz and random hair and required an interval of quick cleaning.

“It’s my goodnight moon,” he says. “You can hold it for a little bit, but I need it for sleeping. It’s my favorite -” which melts a crafty mama’s heart a lot, “- and so is my race car.”

goodnight moon - and car



joy #2

30 03 2012

Family Perches is adding a new team member:

family wip

Meet our little Mignon!

Like Bebe, it’s a nickname / nom de blog. Like wrangling Bebe and resettling in our new home and traveling, this summer babe has been keeping me firmly occupied offline these past few months. Lots of silence here, lots of activity in life.

We’re slowly prepping his nest, slogging through the usual medical things, and entertaining Bebe with visions of Sibling-hood. Some times he’s all very “meh…” and others it looks more like this:

head tilts

“That’s my new baby,” he says. “Babies are fragile. I will kiss him. But he can’t play with my cars, those are for me.”

Ah, siblinghood…

moved in

9 01 2012

Saturday made it official:

we are home

we have moved into our house, shoes off, beds to sleep in and everything. Joy!

Our internet access is currently in transition/spotty, so expect more regular updates by the end of the week.

#1: the house

3 01 2012

[As you may have noticed, late 2011 was a crap-tacular period of blogging Void. Big life changes required all our bandwidth, and I didn’t really want to share three months of slogging through & exhaustion – that’s no fun to read, and I’m sure you have your own to deal with.

BUT the outcome of all of that are at least 2 cool joys. Here is #1.]

Oy! Admittedly, I wasn’t one of the big, strong guys unloading stuff from the semi-flatbed moving truck today. They kindly put me in charge of checking off progress on the inventory lists. And meanwhile try to corral a high-energy kiddo within a designated safe/play zone. And puzzle over possible contents of boxes that have been in storage for nearly three years.

Still: this mama is tired. And I forgot to take pictures of the chaos – although I’m sure you’ll get that tomorrow when the unpacking commences. Fun, ne?

Actually, it is totally fun. Our first house! Six years of dreaming and saving and job changes and moving have finally led us into our Very Own front door.

A red door.

Totally fun.

moving: just a few things

21 09 2011

Yeek! It’s Moving Day tomorrow (um, day one of 3 and hopefully 4).

packing with toddler

We’re heading down to temporary housing for a few months. Mr. P was campaigning for making do with an air mattress for 3 months, but I’ve persuaded him that putting the bed in storage would endanger our domestic tranquility. And the yarn stash + sewing machine + craft supplies + baking supplies + kitchen aid mixer. And something to sit on. So a moving truck it is (that’s day two).

Maybe there’ll be a house in our future this fall/winter, fingers crossed.

little earthquakes

23 08 2011

It started with a crash, boom, shaking. My first (and irrational) thought was that the upstairs neighbor was madly pounding on the floor with a sledge hammer. Then of course I realized it was (however unlikely) an earthquake.

We’ve just had a medium-ish earthquake here in VA. We’re all fine, more surprised than anything else, only some dishes knocked into the sink and a few things knocked off the walls. Bebe calls it, “Boom! Shake!” (with arms thrown up in the air and eyebrows high).

Growing up in various places, I went through school earthquake drills and a few earthquakes. And lots of small shakes while I was working in Japan. So I grabbed Bebe, tucked us into a doorway, and waited for everything to stop. It took a while.

USGS are saying it was a 5.9 earthquake centered in Mineral,VA (by Lake Anna, Louisa county). Aftershocks are expected within the next hour. Broke the area record for a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in 1897.

Regarding the nuclear plant in nearby Lake Anna, VA, reports are saying that it was not affected and has been shut down.

The Pentagon & US Capitol building in DC have been evacuated. Apparently it’s been felt as far away as SC, Boston, NYC and Philly.

Crazy way to break up our lunch, and (sigh) has guaranteed Bebe won’t be napping today.

delightful things

12 08 2011

Savoring a few photo-less moments, as we wrapped up our home hunting trip and took a brief break by the sea:

swimming laps in the twilight just before dawn, and watching the sun rise in a blaze of rose and gold over the ocean;

sipping coffee with Mr P at a beachside cafe while Bebe happily devours scrambled eggs & a cut-up pile of small pancakes;

wading past the surf zone on a hot day and drifting in calm ocean swells;

building and rebuilding small sand castles around Bebe, who gleefully destroys them and then immediately throws his hands up in shock and pretends to be surprised by the destruction, dramatically howling, “Oh nooo! What happened? The sand castles are broken! What am I gonna do??”;

finding a couple absolutely lovely skeins of Madelinetosh DK at a local yarn shop;

watching evening fireworks with Mr P;

and heading home (current home) again.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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