laughter in april

1 04 2012

Best tiny sound ever?

When Bebe laughs, waking up from his afternoon nap, it’s almost stealthy – crinkly peeking eyes, a stretched-out drowsy smile, and a small clicking sound coming from the back of his throat. Where the usual rusty chuckles or peals of laughter would be if he were more awake. Weird + adorable + infectious laughter.

Completely unrelated, but this commercial quote also made me laugh a lot today,
“He has inside jokes with complete strangers… Mosquitos refuse to bite him out of respect.”
I’m not a beer drinker, even un-preggo, but DUDE I would love to be respected by mosquitos like that. A totally useful superpower, ne?

Hope you had some good laughs today, too.




2 responses

2 04 2012
The Lemming King

I’ve been missing you hardcore lady and the these last posts were just what I needed! You look divine and Bebe is a small man! How time flies! I cannot wait to see you for shenanigans! (My new blog addy

2 04 2012
The Lemming King

Ha, just realized you already new about the newer blog. Duh. lol

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