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30 03 2012

Family Perches is adding a new team member:

family wip

Meet our little Mignon!

Like Bebe, it’s a nickname / nom de blog. Like wrangling Bebe and resettling in our new home and traveling, this summer babe has been keeping me firmly occupied offline these past few months. Lots of silence here, lots of activity in life.

We’re slowly prepping his nest, slogging through the usual medical things, and entertaining Bebe with visions of Sibling-hood. Some times he’s all very “meh…” and others it looks more like this:

head tilts

“That’s my new baby,” he says. “Babies are fragile. I will kiss him. But he can’t play with my cars, those are for me.”

Ah, siblinghood…




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10 04 2012

He’s going to make a great big brother!

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