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3 01 2012

The 2012 Year of Lovely Things site has been updated and the sign-up form is ready to go. Woot!

Want to play? It is super simple.

1 : Make a list of 52 fun activities or accomplishments (small things that you can sprinkle into your week or that embellish your larger plans/goals). Each one should be doable within a day or a week.

2 : Complete the 2012 sign-up form on Google docs. You will be added to the Participants list within 1-2 days after I receive your form. I’ll also send you a graphic if you’d like to use it for a blog, etc.

3 : Go and enjoy your year, and post updates as you progress through you list.

And as I’ve said before, there’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do. It’s just my way to deliberately add a little more joy into everyday life.




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12 01 2012
Jess P

I signed up, but haven’t heard back from you. I’m not highly concerned, we just moved, too, so I know it can be quite the unpacking job. I was just wondering if there was an established twitter hastag? I use #YoLT recently. Also, I signed up to have people follow my twitter (since it’ll all be there), but a few things will end up in my poetry blog as well. Is there a way I can share that stuff, too?
Hope your unpacking is going well and y’all are getting settled into the new place.

12 01 2012

Hi Jess – Thanks for signing up! And especially for your patience. Our internet was finally hooked up last night, and I’ll be catching up with the online submission forms tomorrow morning. We can definitely link both your twitter & blog accounts. I’ll take a look at your submission form & send you a follow-up email in the morning. Cheers 🙂

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