moving: just a few things

21 09 2011

Yeek! It’s Moving Day tomorrow (um, day one of 3 and hopefully 4).

packing with toddler

We’re heading down to temporary housing for a few months. Mr. P was campaigning for making do with an air mattress for 3 months, but I’ve persuaded him that putting the bed in storage would endanger our domestic tranquility. And the yarn stash + sewing machine + craft supplies + baking supplies + kitchen aid mixer. And something to sit on. So a moving truck it is (that’s day two).

Maybe there’ll be a house in our future this fall/winter, fingers crossed.




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21 09 2011

good luck with the move! i hope it’s disaster-free and not to hard for/with Bebe.

22 09 2011

thanks Lori 🙂

29 12 2011

Where oh where have you gone to my friend??? I hope all is well with you and yours! I was just curious if you will be doing the Year Of Lovely Things link up for 2012??

29 12 2011

Happy holidays! We have been going through lots of Major Life Changes in the past few months – more than we’d anticipated – but we’ll be back in action on Jan 1st. And definitely ‘YES!’ to another Year of Lovely Things. I’ll get that updated by the 30th. Wishing you joy in the new year 🙂

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