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23 08 2011

It started with a crash, boom, shaking. My first (and irrational) thought was that the upstairs neighbor was madly pounding on the floor with a sledge hammer. Then of course I realized it was (however unlikely) an earthquake.

We’ve just had a medium-ish earthquake here in VA. We’re all fine, more surprised than anything else, only some dishes knocked into the sink and a few things knocked off the walls. Bebe calls it, “Boom! Shake!” (with arms thrown up in the air and eyebrows high).

Growing up in various places, I went through school earthquake drills and a few earthquakes. And lots of small shakes while I was working in Japan. So I grabbed Bebe, tucked us into a doorway, and waited for everything to stop. It took a while.

USGS are saying it was a 5.9 earthquake centered in Mineral,VA (by Lake Anna, Louisa county). Aftershocks are expected within the next hour. Broke the area record for a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in 1897.

Regarding the nuclear plant in nearby Lake Anna, VA, reports are saying that it was not affected and has been shut down.

The Pentagon & US Capitol building in DC have been evacuated. Apparently it’s been felt as far away as SC, Boston, NYC and Philly.

Crazy way to break up our lunch, and (sigh) has guaranteed Bebe won’t be napping today.




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23 08 2011

SO glad to know y’all are ok!! I didn’t even feel it, even though offices in midtown were evacuated. If the worst that happens is a no-nap day for Bebe (difficult as that is), that’s pretty good.

23 08 2011

Very true, Lori 🙂 In fact, Mr P has given up on the nap & taken him swimming. As one of my best friends says, “Well, at least it’s a beautiful day outside. Nice day for an earthquake.”

23 08 2011

Yup. We felt it all the way up in NYC. It was pretty crazy.

I’m glad you all are ok!

Georgia was very concerned about the quake, and wanted family around her immediately afterwards.

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