dusting off

3 08 2011

It’s official: the Perches family is moving again. This time we’re pulling up roots and heading south, to a place with less snow, more beach, and the ever-fun possibilities implicit in new employment, neighborhoods, and future friends.

We’re still in the early stages: pulling piles of packing boxes out of storage; browsing through housing; sorting household things through keep/donate/sell/giveaway. Exploring. Generally dusting off the habits of transitions.

I hope our next place has enough room to install our library, most of which has been in storage for the past three moves. And a proper workshop for powertools. And room for a vegetable garden, fruit trees, bees and bunnies and chickens…or at least a little bit of green space. Hmmm: another habit we’re dusting off is the Perfect House Dreaming. You know, the Someday Home, of which we usually have to accept precious bits and pieces instead of the dreamy whole.

What kind of things make up your Someday Home?

This week we’ll post a daily update from our tours through new towns and beachy activities.




One response

3 08 2011

AH! This is the real best thing about a blog friend: you can move, but you’re still perches in my aggregator. 🙂 I hope this is a wonderful change for all of you.

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