duckie one is go!

11 07 2011

Five years ago, in a galaxy & lifestyle far far away, I never would’ve talked about knitting, let alone making a sock. And now:

first knit sock!

My first sock! Sock one (of two) is go! Woot!

It’s such a lovely pattern, very easy to follow – even the dreaded gusset/heel section. I highly recommend the pattern for first-timers. Thank you, Samantha, for sharing this as a free pattern: Love it!

My mods
1.5″ for top ribbing
15 repeats for leg
4 rounds st st before beginning toe decreases

(29 pattern repeats total: 15 in leg, 4 in gusset/heel section, 11 in foot)

Unblocked, this reaches to mid-calf on me. The 2 skeins of chickadee/Quince & Co. gave me a lot of extra yardage to play with – 181 yards (sport weight) per sock – which is great since I prefer longer socks. I still have quite a bit of yarn leftover – enough to try making some adorable newborn Duckies (like this one on Ravelry but in sport weight). If doing this pattern again with this yarn, I would use the yardage to do 20 repeats for the leg.

Mr. P had patiently supportive things to say when I presented the sock to him (planting it on his chest as he lay on the sofa watching sports), including:
Hello? That’s very pretty.
…I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you wanted me to talk about the sock.
It looks very warm. And this lace part is nice.
Great work, honey.

And the best part? I wandered into another room, sighed and muttered about how sad it was for this pretty sock to be afflicted by my wide, paddle-shaped feet. Mr. P harumphed from the sofa and came over to tell me, “I like your feet. And who cares if they’re wide? That helps you swim faster.”

I love him partly because he’s so good.

Pattern: Duckies by Samantha Hayes (free pattern)
Yarn: Quince & Co. chickadee (dogwood)
For more details, see my Ravelry project page.




5 responses

11 07 2011

LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

12 07 2011

Thank you 🙂 And I love your latest blanket. Brilliant!

11 07 2011

That’s fantastic! (both the sock and the conversation)

12 07 2011

You are fantastic, too! I got through that gusset & heel due to your cheery advice on my previous sock post. Thank you, V!

11 07 2011

awwww, Mr. P. Such a keeper. Hi! It’s so nice to be here, and to read your comments on my languishing blog! That sock is really pretty, like Mr P I think the lace part is really nice.

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