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9 07 2011

Many months and stitches in the making, I now have a lurvely pair of long fingerless mitts for winter.

ribbed hand warmers - sleeves up

As you may remember from January, I discovered some fabulous (and expensive, ahem) mitts I via Polyvore and then bought some delicious yarn to make my own.

I call them my Long Sunsets because A) they are long-ish gloves, and B) the scrumptious color – and many thanks to Lori of Thrums for introducing me to the color-saturated, poetically-named, tactile goodness that is Madelinetosh yarns.

ribbed hand warmers - closeup

Although I am an awfully slow knitter, it did not actually take 4 months to make these mitts. This was a side project that I picked up a couple times a month, worked an inch or two, and then set aside again. Altogether, it was actually about 12 days of knitting stretched over 4 months – and I’m especially slow working on DPNs.

And the almost-as-awesome thing, besides the actual mitts? DPNs no longer scare and torment me. We’re cool. We hang out and talk smack about magic loop knitting. I’ve actually moved on to making socks. (!?!) Will wonders never cease?

If you also pine for a pair of long fingerless mitts of your very own, I highly recommend both the pattern and the yarn. The pattern (see link below) is simple and well-written, also a generous freebie from the talented team behind Purl Soho. The yarn is a little pricier than is usual for my yarn stash, but I still have about a third of a skein left – and besides, the yarn is worth it. Yummm…

ribbed hand warmers - under sleeves

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Ribbed Hand Warmers from Purl Soho (free pattern)
Yarn: madelinetosh tosh merino light (Afternoon)
For more details, see my Ravelry project page




8 responses

9 07 2011

They are beautiful!

I’m not exactly scared of DPNs any more. But.. I have two small children, so I figure the fewer needles that they can pull out of my work, the better! (:

9 07 2011

So true! That’s partly why I prefer knitting with cable needles rather than straights. My little one has also snapped a few sets of DPNs. 😮
Thanks for you kind comments!

9 07 2011

They really are beautiful. Such a nice color. I’m so proud of you for getting over your fear of DPN’s!

9 07 2011

Thank you, La 🙂

9 07 2011

glad to hear that DPNs don’t scare you anymore!

9 07 2011

Thanks! I hope your unpacking & resettling is going well.

11 07 2011

These are great! I especially love the colour. I am yet to attempt knitting but I’d love to be able to make such lovely things. I just spent the weekend with my extended family and my Uncle has knitted a baby snuggle blanket for his new grandson, it has taken him 7 months and there are quite a few dropped stitches but it’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen 🙂 Bethx

11 07 2011

Thank you! And Bravo to your Uncle! Knitted or crocheted blanket projects (even little ones made for tiny new people) still intimidate me, that’s such a lot of stiches. I haven’t tried one yet, maybe next year.
Congrats to your family on a new tiny family member 🙂

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