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8 07 2011

I watched the final NASA shuttle launch today. Sad, because it marks the end of an era of near-space exploration. Glorious, because it simply IS: that big, fiery push making a huge (and tiny) step toward the stars and the rest of the universe. Glorious and amazing.

The first and last time I watched a live launch was during that terrible disaster with the Challenger in 1986 – like many other children, I’d been fascinated by Christa McAuliffe, the teacher-astronaut.

Although space shuttle launches have absolutely nothing to do with me, nonetheless today’s gorgeous launch of Atlantis seemed like a Good Sign to me this morning, while waiting in the reception area for surgery.

Leading up to any medical procedure, the nervousness (linked deeply to childhood memories) turns me into a mental space cadet – thoughts fly around; To Do tasks ricochet through various stages of (in)completion; and really only things directly required by/for Bebe actually stay in focus and get done. Historically, it’s an unfortunate time for my cars and minor fender-benders, so we have learned to put my keys aside and let Mr. P take over transportation for a few days. Bless his patience.

So now we’re on the other side, home again and happily so. Weekend plans are to remain relatively prone and well medicated while watching Mr. P run around with Bebe. And be a lounge-chair cheerleader for our big kickball game on Sunday afternoon, weather permitting. Woot!

Hope your weekend is a lovely one.




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9 07 2011

I was wondering why dragonflies were following me all day today, in pairs at one point, too.

9 07 2011

🙂 They did that to us yesterday, too!

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