never-never land – and socks

24 06 2011

Exciting and lovely: I am starting my first sock.

duckies - wip1

Tomorrow we’ll review our adventures from the past couple weeks – eek!! sorry – but first I will gush a little about my Newest Thing. Knitting socks. As I’ve written and bemoaned often, DPNs are not my friend (that’s ‘double-pointed needles’ for any non-knitting readers). Since you have to use DPNs to knit socks, ergo I’d never make socks. And now I eat my adamant words. Again.

I know you’re laughing at me, girls. I wave my tiny needles at you. And my bursting-out-of-containers yarn stash. And the binders stuffed with knitting patterns that I recently reorganized in a fit of craft geekery/insomnia the other night.

So I am starting to make my first sock. It’s fast & exciting, and I may fall very hard for sock knitting. I found a lovely pattern by Samantha Hayes that calls for a sport weight yarn, which knits up speedily due to the larger stitch size – a bonus since I recently finished an Endless Project involving some gorgeous yet takes-forever-to-make-progress fingering weight yarn. Many of the other project reviews on Ravelry mentioned how fast and easy this pattern is, and so far I completely agree. Even with additional length added to the top ribbing & more lace repeats, I finished the leg section in just a day. Zoom! Love that.

duckies - wip2

We’ll see how I feel later today after working through turning the heel and making gussets. Gussets on anything are like craft kryptonite for me. Or if this were a romance novel, gussets would be the Villain or Obstacle that makes Happily For Now/Ever After seem completely unattainable.

And yes: I just admitted to reading romance novels. It’s been another Newest Thing this year – and a soothing fix while so many other dreams & plans have been turned bass ackwards and thrown out the window.

We’ll see how things develop. More updates tomorrow.




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25 06 2011

Cookie A’s gussets are incredibly easy, and fairly simple to substitute into other sock patterns if you’re having issues.

I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about it though. On my first sock gusset, I wasall “What’s all the fuss about?” as it was incredibly simple and easy.

Yay for knitting socks! You’re going to love wearing them.

I’m not a total addict yet, but I am very much enjoying knitting and wearing them. 🙂

1 07 2011

Thanks so much for this message! It was such a perfect blend of cheer and inspiration, and it stayed in the front of my mind last weekend as I worked through that first sock gusset. Yay 🙂

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