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6 05 2011

Off for the weekend, with plenty of happy college-reunion silliness to commence. And for my crafty yarn lovers out there: see you at Maryland Sheep & Wool. WOOT!!

Not that I need more yarn. AT ALL. But it’s delightful to look and contemplate. Also, I am a huge sucker for merino wool, baby alpacas, Jacob sheep, little cashmere goats, and crazy fluffy rabbits. Last year I found a great vendor who makes hand carved brooms – he has a big truckload of broomstraw parked next to his tent. I’m hoping to get a mini-broom for Bebe, who has enthusiastically taken on sweeping as ‘his’ household chore.

If you’re there on Saturday around lunchtine, we’ll be the group of girls – possibly in silly hats hastily decorated with tons of silk flowers and fake birds – having a picnic in the grass near the music pavillion on giant blue Neat Sheets surrounded by bags of yarn.

Cherrs! and have a lovely weekend.




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6 05 2011


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