presenting the baseball caps

5 05 2011

Yo! W’sup?

bebe with dads hat

Not really, it’s just the perfect pose, that’s what I hear in my head when I see Bebe in this pic (and laugh). Our little one is superexcited that our Mr. P is back home again, and he has taken to wearing his hats whenever possible.

one small dude And because the baseball caps are too big and flop around on his head, making the brim flop over his eyes, he usually turns them around to wear backward.

The current and running favorite so far is a hat that has a set of tiny LED-lights under the brim, which Bebe calls his “flashlight hat.” I think he adores it mostly because it’s his dad’s and in part for the clickety on/off button. Tacticle sound effects are amost always a bonus.

All this from a child who refuses to wear hats I’ve made him yet cheerfully steals/claims those I’ve made for myself. Contrary? Definitely.

And very clear that, like most children, he loves to wrap himself up in the comfort of our things.




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