fields and flowers

16 04 2011

Spring is my favorite season – the renewal of energy, warmth, and light made visible. The burst of greenery reborn and the air full of flirty birdsong.

“when the world is puddle-wonderful.” – e.e. cummings

Bebe is delighting in finding dandelion puffs to blow. They are second-best to birthday candles, of which there have recently been many, but he loves being able to touch the puffballs with a careful finger, squash his cheek up to mine as we crouch together, and make huffing, spit and sputtering, laughing bursts of air that send each dandelion seed dancing away.

spring field

We visit gardens, yet he remains most impressed by the simple wildflowers we see in the fields and trees – small things he can touch or ignore at will.

spring tree

Spring is also the season when I most miss my old SLR. I like the convenience of a small digital point-and-shoot, but I miss the depth of field and layers of texture achieved with a good camera. Getting a nice digital SLR is far, far down on our list of priorities, so in the meantime we have pictures filled with flowery havoc.

And maybe a couple tiny flower fairies, too:

flower fairy - wip flower fairy - front flower fairy - back

I started working on a pattern and then realized there are already bunches of better ones out there. So if you’d like your own little blossomy friend, here’s a great tutorial by the creative team at Wee Folk Art.

What do you enjoy doing in your favorite season?




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18 04 2011

an e.e. cummings fan, too! i opened my book of his poetry right to the puddle-wonderful poem just a few days ago. 🙂

5 05 2011

thank you 🙂 I find that’s been such a great poem for this spring – everything’s been rain-wet, wind-blustery, and wildly, bloomingly unkempt in the best ways.

15 06 2011
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I love the pictures of the flowers. Thanks for sharing.

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