vest for my boy

15 04 2011

I love layered clothing for children, things a parent can easily pull off or add on according to the weather and their state of play.

When browsing around for Citronille sewing patterns last month, I kept finding sweet variations on this little pattern and it stayed in the back of my head. I didn’t realize it’s actually available for free online – you can use the Google Translate app to translate from French to English – so in the meantime, I drafted my own pattern.

vest - pattern wip

O freezer paper, how do I love thee? Not only do you make great stenciling materials, as well as help me preserve purchased pattern pieces, you’re also great for pattern drafting. Basically, I just laid out one of Bebe’s t-shirts on top of a layer of 18″-wide freezer paper. I used the shirt to trace the general outline, adding the desired seam margin, and then modified the outline to match the neck and arm shaping I had in mind.

vest - applique wip

Traced the pattern onto soft fleece, cut out the fabric, and added some reverse applique patches and colorful stitchery (inspired by this skirt and that blanket among anna maria horner’s pretty projects)…

vest - side

vest - back

Getting the thick layers of fleece together was a bit trying – and changed the shape I’d had in mind – but it turned out fine. And Bebe says?

After getting over his initial – and slightly heart-bruising – reaction to New Things with ten minutes of wailing objections, “Nooo! I don’t like it!!”

He then (and still) declares, “Oh! My new favorite! I want it!”

vested and smiling favorite new thing




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16 04 2011

that is absolutely totally adorable! i love the little color and embroidery details, so very charming, and wearable.

5 05 2011

thanks! and he loves it, seriously objects taking it off and randomly gathers it in arms to snuggle it, which it totally charms my mama-crafty heart.

7 06 2011
Anastasia McDonald

so insanely adorable! and the vest, too. Thank you so much for sharing. It looks simple enough for me to try even.

1 07 2011

Thank you!

22 09 2011

I love this vest! My kids want to make pirate vests for Halloween and I was looking for patterns and found your blog. Love it!

I’m still trying to figure out what the back part of the vest should look like.

Also, do you know if you can cut this pattern out so that all you have to sew is just one part at the top?


22 09 2011

Hi Erika, Thanks so much for your kind comments. To answer your questions:
-the back of this vest is cut with a high, wide neckline. Also cut on a fold so that it came out as one piece. The weird pucker at the bottom is from an last-minute (and shoddy) implementation of a placket – intended to accomodate for the bending/crouching/fabric-pulling movement of my active boy.
-yes! I’ve done that with other patterns. Make sure your fabric is wide & deep enough to accommodate the curved silhouette of the whole piece. Pin and trace the whole back piece, then pin and trace each side (overlap slightly if side pattern piece has seam allowances). Helpful to do this on muslin and/or lining material first so that you can try it on & make adjustments if needed.
Hope that helps. Good luck!

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