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15 04 2011

This might be my Year of the Strawberries. Honestly? I hope it is: that would be totally cool. And delicious.

With Mr. P being away, my friends near and far rallied with birthday cakes and happy celebrations. That’s cakes plural and strawberries galore. Did I mention my friends are thoughtful, talented, and lovely? Because they really are, and I’ve felt bundled in love & caring this past week.

Birthday cake #1:

birthday cake #1

Amazing and decadent, this was a double-layer chocolate cake, made from scratch with chocolate stout included, giving it a crazy boozy smell and flavor. Then it was frosted with a melted Ghirardelli chocolate ganache softened with fresh whipped cream. And topped with sweet strawberries.

Birthday cake #2:

birthday cake #2

Also this week, a friend gathered together our playdate group for a potluck birthday luncheon, including lentil soup, fresh bread, salad with a strawberries and a strawberry vinagrette, and this delicious strawberry cake.

And yes, I’ve had various pieces of leftover cake for lunch/dinner over the past week. Yummm… Come on, strawberry season: with this kind of preview/beginning, I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to deliver.

A freshly baked loaf of black bread where it is rumored that the Brothers
Grimm still hide their best stories. Strawberries. Day lilies for salad. And
lobster, only if served on a bed of watercress and white violets.
In times of stress, the shy solace of a baked potato. But remember this.
Inspiration can, if forced, take nourishment from nothing at all.

-by Mekeel McBride, “Inspiration’s Favorite Foods”




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16 04 2011

It was your birthday?! AWW!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love birthdays, and celebrating others’ birthdays, so I’m sorry to be late. Here’s to a Year of the Strawberries just for you. And many, many, many more.

5 05 2011

thank you 🙂

5 05 2011
Náhhatl Vargas

I just got here from an old comment you left on my blog, and I love yours, that cake looks so good, and the vest it’s really cool.

5 05 2011


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