elf clobber complete!

15 04 2011

This tiny little project was four months in the making:

elf clobber - how they work

I started out thinking they’d be a great little ‘extra’ to tuck into one of my family’s Christmas presents. Winters in Louisiana are relatively mild, so these variations on fingerless gloves seemed both functional and pretty. And sure enough, the bottom half were done in an hour.

elf clobber - wip

The project came to a stuttering halt four hours later, then again the following day, and the next week. I tried to learn the crochet stitches from various books and online videos, but my alternately wobbly-loose and strangling-tight gauge, as well as fumbling entanglements with the dreaded puff stitch, meant I had to repeatedly rip out the fancy cuff section. No Fun. Frequent cursing and cross-room flinging of crochet hook. Finally, I just put everything away, thinking I really needed to sit down and learn the stitches with someone who actually crochets. A whole season passed, and this languished in my work pile for months

Enter my Awesome Friend/Crochet Goddess, stage north. Voila! In an afternoon, the crochet bits were taught and the pretty cuffs are nearly finished.

elf clobber wip - crochet trim

Another couple hours with some fancy lace weight and the dreaded DPNs, and they really are done. And soooo lovely!

elf clobber - finished

They’re pretty and the Aloft yarn makes them feel deliciously soft. I’m very tempted to keep them. Which means another set for me is surely in my crafting schedule. Somewhere. Squeezed in… So this pair goes into my early homemade-for-the-holiday box – or in this case, my ‘so-late-it’s-now-for-next-year’ holiday box. Embarrassing, but pretty and true.

Craft: knitting & crochet
Pattern: elf clobber by schnuddel Kerstin (free pattern) – ravelry pattern page
Yarn: bernat satin solid (dark brown) & knit picks aloft (mongoose)
For more details, see my ravelry




4 responses

16 04 2011

You did such an amazing job on these! And you picked up crocheting so quickly! Seriously, you rock!

16 04 2011

Only because you are a wonderful teacher 🙂

16 04 2011

This are absolutely gorgeous! I love your yarn choices and I’m sure whoever gets those in their Christmas pile will be very pleased, I know I would be 🙂

5 05 2011

thank you! working my way (sloooowly) through learning the crochet section was kind of amazing, because the pattern becomes increasingly lovely. and then the shimmery/soft inner layer!! sigh… sooo pretty. huge kudos to the designer on a wonderful pattern.

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