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7 04 2011

This was one of those days: the kind where you wish life had a button for Do Over & Better or even Just Skip Ahead to Tomorrow.

Tantrums and flying food/beverages galore. Bebe afflicted by drippy spring allergies and a heaping dose of Mood. My small boy was practicing Churlish today (doing astonishingly well) and testing boundaries in each and every direction. Also not napping, so it was a straight run all day long.

As you may imagine, by bedtime we were both overtired, weepy, and more than a little bewildered by the egregious progress of our day.

Bebe: What Happened? (a favorite phrase, picked up from me, with accompanying hand gestures)
Mama: We had a Hard Day. (sighing & rubbing Bebe belly) We had a very hard day.
Bebe: (nodding slowly and seriously) Yes
Mama: Let’s work on a better day for tomorrow.
Bebe: (relaxing into a fluffy corner of pillow) O-kay.

I actually have some lovely pictures to share from the rest of our week, which has been fun and full of sunshine. There’s also a new sewing project, a great knitting book, and little spring crafts. I’ll share them soon – right now this Mama needs to dive into bed.




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14 04 2011

Oh no fun at all, you have my full sympathies. My boys are on their Easter holidays right now, which is followed directly by the Royal Wedding long weekend – eeeek! – they are already very bored and as they are 3 & 5 going on 15 (lots of teenage style moaning) it’s a challenge. A nice one though, I’m making the most whilst they are still so little 🙂 Bethx

16 04 2011

that’s a good reminder: making the most of it (even the horrid/crazy days) while they’re little. thanks, beth 🙂

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