sunlit & billowing

4 04 2011

do you think there is anywhere, in any language,
a word billowing enough
for the pleasure

that fills you,
as the sun
reaches out,
as it warms you

as you stand there,
-from “The Sun,” by Mary Oliver

Who would believe that there was snow this weekend? And pebbles of hail pounding down in white sheets, covering the grass, and freezing rain covering the tree branches in layers of shining ice?

Today we are running around town and field in summer clothes and sandals – Bebe protesting the unfamiliar, sockless footwear – standing with our faces tilted skyward to soak up the sunlit warmth. It’s a blustery, kite-flying day, the kind that suddenly blows balloons and library book bags down the hall and out the front door, where they tangle around my ankles as I try to get the door shut.

“Birds are very happy,” Bebe observes, squinting against the wind. “I very happy too.”

Hope you’ve had a lovely start to the week.




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4 04 2011

Bebe is a poet, like his mother. And just a groan from NYC of Mary Oliver love.

6 04 2011

I’ve loved Mary Oliver’s poetry for years. Her poems so often speaks to the depths & heights of me, leaving a sense of joy – and who doesn’t love that? I read this one over the weekend – “Am I Not Among The Early Risers” – and while I am not (at all) a morning person, I can appreciate the rest of the sentiment.

5 04 2011

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about getting so much joy (vicariously) from the world through my kiddo.

I should probably let go of that guilt.

Your blog is happymaking.

6 04 2011

I’ve called Bebe ‘my heart’ since the day he was born, recentering my life and priorities in ways I am still exploring & coming to terms with. I am so grateful for the joy and inspiration he brings into our lives (although it can be harder to remember gratitude on the occasional, completely crazy day).

As Ani says, “More joy, less shame.”

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