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30 03 2011

Just when we thought it was safe to slide back into sandals, short sleeves, and short pants, Wintry Cold and Random Snow returneth over the weekend. It inspired an intense spate of hat knitting, with some gorgeous yarn that I didn’t think would be used until next winter. Behold, my Every Snow Cloud has a Rainbow Lining hat:

rainbow hat

Perfect for frolicking in the snow beneath flowering trees. Bit of trouble with the dye consistency in the skein – lovely dark rainbow seen in brim/bottom half vs. unfortunate bright Fruit Loops rainbow seen in top half – but I still love this hat. LOVE.

Craft: knitting
Pattern: The Amanda Hat by Gina House (free pattern)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Lana Bambu (01 – see my cautionary note on the Rav project page)
For more details, see my Ravelry.

Fortunately, the snow quickly melted away – pretty much gone by the following evening, which made yesterday’s trip to the Lewis Ginter Botanic Gardens (Richmond, VA) appropriately green and blooming, albeit a wee bit shivery.

lewis ginter gardens mosaic

1. japanese garden, 2. cherry blossoms on the water, 3. bridge to childrens garden, 4. plum tree, 5. childrens garden – lakeshore, 6. tree bench

And small Bebe adventures that weren’t caught on camera? Just a few:

-tree-climbing with friends – Bebe mostly weaving around and under the low arching, gnarly branches while his older friends climbed higher;

-suprising Mama with some new vocab while seriously entrenched in a giant sandbox (where did he learn about sandcastles?);

-happily sweeping a series of mini houses with a Bebe-sized broom;

-loudly pining over friends’ crackers and chocolate cakes while adamantly rejecting his favorite foods (pbj sandwich and Kashi cereal bars);

-discovering a garden plot full of spinning, silvery pinwheels (staked out to protect flower bulbs from marauding squirrels).

Hope your week finds a few small adventures, too.




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30 03 2011

oh i love that hat too!! turned out beautifully. I think I MUST make one too.
I can’t tell the diff in the yarn color, but it works with two halves anyhow, that was good luck.

I have not heard of that botanical garden before, we will have to check it out someday.

2 04 2011

I love the hat, such lovely colors!

2 04 2011

Thank you, ladies 🙂

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