a gift of blossoms

22 03 2011

Two of my favorite scenes during cherry blossom season in Japan:

the famous weeping cherry tree

1: the weeping cherry tree (shidarezakura) at Maruyama park in of Kyoto, Japan. This is one of the famous sight-seeing spots during blossom season, and although you can’t see them in the picture, the grounds below these venerable old branches was packed with happy admirers. After blossom season, it’s still a lovely place to meet friends for a picnic lunch, and a short walk’s distance to several of my favorite temples.

sakura at front gate, sonobe hs

2: the cherry trees planted outside the gates to the high school where I worked. As the blooming season waned, the lightest wind would cause a drift of petal blossoms to scatter and fall. Gorgeous way to start and end the work day, ne?

Yesterday I finished making a set of Thank You Blossom note cards – printed front and back text via laser printer (because really, I was not up to writing out two dozen copies by hand); carved a little cherry blossom stamp; fumbled a bit with watercolors;

carved sakura stamp cherry blossoms in progress

and added a few finishing touches with Sharpie pens.

sakura Thank You cards

One of these will be included with each of the 24 items from my Japan earthquake & tsunami relief giveaway. If you’ve contributed to the relief effort in any way, leave a comment in that post (not this one) and I’ll send you a token of my appreciation.

Should I this simple sight
Describe to folk?
Cherry blossoms
Plucked by hand
Would be taken as a gift.

-by Sosei (816-910), from Book I of the Kokinshû




6 responses

22 03 2011

Just beautiful; really love the notecards.

23 03 2011

These are beautiful! Many evenings, as i sit in my warm bed in my safe home I can think of nothing but those who are suffering so in Japan.

24 03 2011

Truly, the pictures and news reports are tear-wrenching.

2 04 2011

Such beautiful, thoughtful cards you have made.

8 04 2011

that first picture is amazing. hope is the thing with feathers…. i like what you’re doing here. 🙂

16 04 2011

thank you 🙂

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