moon at perigee

19 03 2011

There’ll be a full moon at perigee tonight, big and bright and beautiful, so here are a few things in honor of the moon.


see what NASA has to say about perigee moons

learn about the mythical Moon Rabbit, the East Asian version our Man on the Moon


knitted bunny nuggets, free pattern by Rebecca Danger (available on Ravelry).

bunny nugget left bunny nugget right

My bunnies have different ears, so see my Rav notes if you’d like these tweaky mods.


I made an etsy treasury full of lunar pretties


Japanese-American drumming group performs traditional music & dance at a festival in California


because I heart Cat Power (“The Moon“) at all times

cut the bonds with the moon… (“the moon” – swell season, live)

another mild and sweet song (“Honey & The Moon” by Joseph Arthur)

and something fun and summery from Walk The Moon (“Anna Sun”)


adorable bunny breads!! Great inspiration mosaic, ne? I’m going to try making these between now and Easter.

bunny bread mosaic

1. Easter bunny bao (steamed buns), 2. Kyousagi — Pyon!, 3. Hanazono-Manju’s Usagi-Manju, 4. Rabbit bread, 5. Bunny Bread, 6. Bunny Bun, 7. bunny, 8. Bunny Bread!, 9. Wabbit season, 10. Honey Bunnies, 11. bunny bread, 12. Sourdough Easter Bunny

If you have any other great moon links, leave a note in the comments. Hope you get to enjoy the moonrise tonight!




3 responses

19 03 2011
swallowing roses

Bunny Manapua! I sing your praises!

21 03 2011
The Queen of the Snow Cows

I am loving all the bunnies, both the knitted kind (beautiful!) and all the breads. Now I want to make bunny shaped bread…lol!

24 03 2011

🙂 I love the little bunny cakes!