craft nemesis defeated

17 03 2011

How often does a nemesis arrive in the mail?

a package from Versailles

Especially from France – Versailles, even, which for no good reason I associate with visions of lace and cupcakes and tiny cups of espresso sipped from under green umbrellas at a street cafe. But yes, here it is:

balthazar - nemesis placket closeup

The Placket. My nemesis of 3 dimensional puzzle piecing. Source of Wailing Cursing Failure in several of my other sewing and knitting projects. DEFEATED. Booyah!!

balthazar tunic

And the pattern was entirely in French, which makes me wonder if I should just translate my other Epic Craft Disasters into a foreign languages and see if they sort themselves out that way, too…

balthazar - trying it on

Bebe has a new shirt, Mama has a new skill. That’s a good end of the day. (Definitely enough to balance out the 12 hours of whirling craziness that was the rest of the day – huge splodge of butternut soup on the carpet; orange soup stains on the wall and various bits of furniture; small tide of milk sweeping across the dining room table while Bebe cheerfully peered up into his empty cup and shook a couple more drops out; and several other incidents that made me crave a vat of brownies and a vacation. On a beach. Far away.)

Craft: sewing
Pattern: Balthazar by Citronille

For more sewing fun, check out this week’s Sewing Bee.




7 responses

18 03 2011

This is lovely,does it come in different sizes?
good for you for translating it too:0)

18 03 2011

Yes, this one is from their Children’s line of patterns, sizes 2-8 years. Their Infant line runs from 0-18months, and I think there is an Infant version of the Balthazar pattern too.

18 03 2011

So adorable!!

19 03 2011

The shirt is super cute.

And yeah, I hear you about the food in strange places thing. Usually some of it ended up on me and I’d go to work unknowingly wearing pea soup, or cauliflower or something else too sexy for words.

Oh yeah. Glad that phase is over.

Also, didn’t really enjoy pulling spaghetti out of tiny little ears.

19 03 2011

Oh! your comments made me laugh. Thanks for sharing my sense of chaos. 🙂 And we had to do an ear cleaning today.

19 03 2011
swallowing roses

Whoosa! At least in your down time you enjoyed talking to your sister!

19 03 2011

Yes, thank you for saving a bit of my sanity for the day 🙂

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