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11 03 2011

I worked in Japan for two years, between finishing college and starting graduate school, and I loved the experience. I still have family stationed there and many more living in Hawai’i, which was also hit by the tsunami. So this natural disaster is a personal one for me.

This is a twist on the usual blog giveaway, more of a disaster relief encouragement – encouraging people to look beyond their circle and offer help however they can. Rebuilding community in small ways. As I’ve written elsewhere, every change begins with one small step – and more steps become a difference.

I am giving away 20 handmade brooches and 4 pairs of lavender sachets – that’s 24 giveaways total (update 22 remaining):

10 felt & beaded cherry blossoms (update : 8 remaining)

sakura brooches sakura brooch

10 wee crochet & embroidery blooms

wee bloom brooches

8 felt hearts (given as sets of 2) stuffed with lavender from our local farms

love sachets

Enter the giveaway if you have (or are planning to) do any of these disaster relief activities:
-donate $10 to any one of the Japan earthquake/Pacific tsunami disaster relief organizations;
-support a charitable fundrasing drive (local, online, etc.) – there are lots of interesting items offered via Etsy relief sales;
-volunteer with the recovery effort;
-or pay it forward in some other way.
I would love to hear your stories. Disaster recovery is a long term process, taking place in stages over a long period of time. This giveaway will remain open until all 24 items are claimed.

When leaving a comment, please specify which kind of item you would like. I’ll follow-up via email for shipping information.

There are many excellent, established relief organizations responding to this disaster. I’ve listed a few below – I am not affiliated with these organizations, this is just sharing information. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous frauds out there, too, so please do a little research if you aren’t familiar with a particular relief organization or fundraising group. For US-based non-profits, you can verify credentials and history through impartial evaluators like Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

American Red Cross – Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami

Japanese Red Cross Society

Convoy of Hope


Global Giving – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

International Medical Corps

Network for Good

Save the Children


Also, Paypal has created an easy way to donate directly to relief organizations who are responding the the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

Thank you for your support of this relief effort.



9 responses

18 03 2011
Kristy - Hopeful Threads

This is wonderful! And such lovely trinkets! Many Blessings!

18 03 2011

Hi Kristy – thank you for organizing the Link Up 🙂

19 03 2011

Ooh ooh! I donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society! Actually, I did it a few times. 🙂 The Japanese kids who are going to NYU were out in force in Union Square today, and we stopped and hung out with them for a bit. One of them was tap dancing in a bright blue penguin suit and pink crocs and had a sign that said “Your Smile Means So Much to Me” and then another sign asking for donations. He was a sweetheart.

Yeah, the disaster hit close to home for me as well, but for entirely different reasons.

I would love a Cherry Blossom brooch. But since I donated to this cause numerous times before I saw your post, can I send something back to you in return? Maybe one of my knitted flower pins? I have lots of colors now.

19 03 2011

Hi Virginia! The tap dancing penguin sounds like an adorable fundraising mascot. I’ll put a cherry blossom brooch for you in the mail on Monday.
Thank you for offering a reciprocal brooch swap, but I sadly have to decline your lovely offer since I am encouraging charitable fundraising AND recognizing individuals who have already contributed. And that’s a bit depressing, because I really like your knitted brooches!

21 03 2011

What a beautiful giveaway. We’ve donated to the American Red Cross and Shelterbox. Thanks for the great list of helping agencies and for doing this. Be well and hug that sweet little baby for me.

21 03 2011

Hi Valarie! Hugs delivered 🙂 and thank you for supporting two of the great earthquake & tsunami recovery agencies. I’ll send you one of my giveaway/appreciation tokens, just let me know which kind you’d like and a shipping address. Cheers!

25 03 2011

Greetings! Thank you for your kindness. I would love a cherry blossom if there are some left. If not I’ll leave it up to you. Just having something you’ve made is such a gift. Thanks so much.

25 03 2011

Gee Wiz, I just wrote my address in a comment section. See what happens when one is writing comments after bedtime. Could you please hide my last comment. Thank you.

25 03 2011

I’ve edited your comment and removed the address. Phew! I’ll put a cherry blossom in the mail for you on Monday. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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