cloudy with a chance of crayons

4 03 2011

This is what gorgeous hints of spring drive us to do: run around outside all day, frolic and gambol until we fall into bed each night, and mostly forget to bring the camera along or update the blog. Life, ne?


Bebe, meanwhile, has gotten his seasonal haircut – probably the calmest one we’ve had to date, full of giggles. Mr P. and I love his hair long and curly, because it is adorable, but Bebe was not loving it as much when it became long enough to fall into his eyes. So chop-chop again went Mama’s hair scissors.

Our indoor hours, few as they were, have involved a lot of drawing for Bebe and a little knitting for me.


Bebe has finally outgrown the tendency to taste and nibble on his art supplies, which means a lot things – besides the fat, toddler-friendly markers and pencils – finally get to come off their shelf and get used. The soy crayon rocks have been a big hit this week.

My knitting has slacked off a bit, but I have started a pretty new project – the Cloud Bolero pattern by Ysolda Teague.

cloud bolero - wip

The project combines three lovely things: a raglan construction, the pretty feather-and-fan pattern, and Malabrigo Silky Merino – one of my favorite yarns. The original, free pattern uses chunky weight yarn and is a short cropped piece, but I am going for a longer, lacier look with this DK weight yarn and longer body/sleeves. Hopefully it will be a pretty little cardigan to wear for spring and autumn.

What has spring (or autumn, for folks in the southern half of the world) has been driving you to do this week?




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4 03 2011

Hello There,
I am Karen from Arborescence ( After deliberating I have decided to give everyone who entered a brooch. So I went back to the fabric store and created more flower pendants. Please email me your address at arborescence[at]ymail[dot]com and I will get them in the mail.
Have a lovely day, Karen

4 03 2011

We haven’t had much “spring” yet, but I did manage to plant a few seeds today! I’m waiting for my youngest to stop putting crayons in his mouth so he can use those same crayon rocks.

4 03 2011

I just got some crayon rocks for my kids, too! My toddler hasn’t shown much interest, but my eight year old loves them. (:

6 03 2011

It’s taken six months, but he’s finally gotten to the point where he colors and doesn’t try to eat them 🙂

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