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4 03 2011

We try to go out on a big adventure each week – preferably not expensive or complicated, just something that requires a little extra travel and a lot of potential fun.

air and space museum - main hanger

Our big adventure for this week was a trip to the National Air & Space Museum – Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA. Huge hit with Bebe. Huge. Picture the small person trotting along the aisles shouting “oh! airplane!” repeatedly and crowing with delight. Two hours of completely thrilled and active toddler = great museum experience. He made the docents laugh and they joked he was probably going to be a pilot someday.

And then there was the rip-roaring tantrum when it was time to leave. Eesh.

Bebe has an awfully loud voice, and the museum is basically series of open, connected hangers, so you can imagine the shrieking echoes he produced. Moments of public mortification seem to be an intrinsic part of parenthood. Maybe that’s just me – and maybe everyone else has kids who don’t shriek like mine does. Oy!

I was so looking forward to sharing some of the great things we saw at the museum. Unfortunately I turned off the camera flash, which – combined with chasing Bebe – means that my pictures all came out blurry. Boo. But blurry or not, this was totally cool:

air and space museum - enterprise

How often does someone get to stand next to a space shuttle? So cool!

Definitely a trip worth repeating soon (minus the tantrum).




2 responses

5 03 2011

We love that place! Glad Bebe liked it so much.

6 03 2011

Oh gosh, I think you would have laughed to hear how completely excited he was the whole time. Unfettered joy!

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