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27 02 2011

Building Winter has been a weekly meme for mid-winter, ending with February.

banana breads

The past five or six weeks have offered weekly reflections on: what bits of your life have you relied on, slogged through, and cherished? Moving through the cold, short hours between late dawn and early sunset, we rely on the small cornerstones of our daily / weekly / seasonal routine; slog through the dull, irritating, or careening detours; and cherish the created moments that – through our own effort or others’ – reconnect us with our selves or our community.

This past week was focused on rest: listening to the urge for home and simple comforts, trusting that rest will replenish our resources.

This week…

I’ve relied on:

friends who seem intent on keeping me constantly supplied with brownies (omg thank you); watching episodes of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu for laughs while knitting; soups and baked goods.

I’ve slogged through:

early mornings; potty training; ripping back most of Mr. P’s Vanille sweater (sniffle, sob, hiccup) because it was too small; mild existential funk (anata ga samishii desu).

I’ve cherished:


berry sweet tee - 3T wip berry sweet tee - 3T

a veritable garden of pretty comments;

Bebe settling back into his naptime and bedtime routines.




2 responses

2 03 2011

I’ve been feeling the slog lately. Yup.

But good music has helped lift me out of it. (Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars. I think you would like it)

6 03 2011

oh. wow. WOWWW!! I looked up that song on You Tube, and found this super amazing accoustic version. Thank you so much for the tip!

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