26 02 2011

Sometimes in life, you have to take a stand: draw your line in the sand and passionately declare what you are against and also what you are for.

In Bebe’s case, that would be shrubbery.

will not come out from shrubbery

If you are or have been caregiver to a toddler, then you may know that these Stands and Impassioned Declarations can crop up unexpectedly and sometimes several times a day. As I have mentioned before, Bebe is definitely for shrubbery and against Being Removed From Whence He Is Enshrubbed.

Today we spent much of our walk examining the signs of Impending Spring: bare beginnings of catkins in the willow branches; clusters of buds at the outer tips of the pine trees; being able to dash up and down hills (and into the shrubs) without a winter coat on. Understandable that Bebe would dash, giggling and clutching his Found While Walking sticks, into the nearest cluster of shrubs when I announce that it’s time to go inside and get ready for naptime. Understandable, even when it requires crouching under tree branches and long, serious negotiations on where best to release the Found While Walking sticks.

Mama takes her stand on things like civil liberties. Potable water systems. High-quality, accessible resources for the health, safety, education, and care of children. Just to name a few. I can appreciate a small person who wants to stay outside, play, and explore. I count that Stand as a good sign of things to come.




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27 02 2011

Ah yes. I thoroughly enjoyed many of Georgia’s episodes of “TAKING A STAND”

We have photographic evidence of a few of them as well. One, notably, is of Georgia carrying our friend Katie’s purse all the way through Central Park, strutting like a fashion model (or at least as best as she could manage at age 2). Another involves her dragging an umbrella down the streets of Harlem. It was raining. She would NOT let us have the umbrella. We figured that getting wet was small change in comparison to letting her feel like a big girl and taking the umbrella for a while.

6 03 2011

That’s a good stand, I can totally picture that moment! Makes me smile, thanks for sharing 🙂

27 02 2011

Lovely post! My chilren, two of which are now young adults, still love to be enshrubbed. I love that word. I’ll see how many times I can use it today. 😉

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