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24 02 2011

There has been plenty of knitting, sewing, craft love, Bebe antics, and frolicking going on at our place. But we’ll get to all of that another day – today is grey and windy and wet and cold, so I wanted to share some of the things that have been firing up my heart & imagination lately: lovely & wonderful inspiration.


a knitted zsa hat/mask for children, free pattern by mme zsa zsa

another pretty use of doilies (paper or thread)? make little jar lanterns, like these ones from kootoyoo


BHLDN, a bridal spin-off from the delightful minds behind Anthropologie, is delightful and terribly girly way while away your online time


bread rolls shaped like hedgehogs!! can bread be any more adorable?


BE LINEN MOVIE (15 minutes, 34 seconds) from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo.

a very different kind of photo blog: in her blog, yowayowa camera woman diary, Natsumi posts self-portraits snapped while she is jumping in mid-air or what she calls, “today’s levitation.”


whimsical prints by artist lisa chow: imagine a carousel populated by butterflies

dream-like prints of paper theatre from theaterclouds on etsy

thread art by French artist Sébastien Preschoux – it’s what Charlotte (of Charlotte’s Web) would make if she was a modern French girl and not a spider

a whimsical collection of reuseable fabric wall stickers by Love Mae – I love the birds wearing top hats, hot air balloons with rainclouds, clothesline dress up ‘dolls,’ and definitely the pirate ship & sea creatures


Oh goodness, this song by The Cave Singers reminds me so much of my late teens and twenties, late nights and lazy afternoons playing guitar and singing with friends (“Haller Lake,” unplugged). Good times, great memories.

this cheery little song by Kokia (“Dandelion,” unplugged).

some rockin’ soul from Adele (“Rolling In The Deep”) – besides making Bebe and I dance all over the house, I love the video’s water glasses and the fall of the paper city


christchurch, new zealand earthquake – international red cross




5 responses

24 02 2011
Swallowing Roses

The movie was enlightening to watch, and I just fell in LOVE with Adele!

24 02 2011

The linen movie was hypnotic. What a great film.

Thank you for all the lovely links!

6 03 2011

Great movie, ne? I loved learning about the whole production and seed-to-fashion process.

25 02 2011

oh i love adele, and people jumping! and do i need my bread to have yet another siren song under its carby belt, beyond its smell and flavor?????? cute too? 🙂

it’s cold and rainy here, too, enough already. time for a bebe photo shoot. i’m just saying.

6 03 2011

Seriously: it is the cutest bread EVER (also renews my love for pygmy hedgehogs).

And Adele, I fell in love with her album 19 and have been a fan since. Love the new album – she is crazy good for being so young.

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