snow is falling

22 02 2011

Listen, the snow is falling o’er town,
Listen the snow is falling ev’rywhere.
Between your bed and mine,
Between your head and my mind.
Listen, the snow is falling o’er town.

– by Yoko Ono, from “listen, the snow is falling”

scattered snow remains

Snow flurries were tapping against our windows last night, but by sunrise the light dusting had mostly melted or covered everything in layers of ice.

snow scattered on bench icy slide

In fact, our car still needs to be hacked out of a thick, frozen shell – Bebe strenuously objected to my early morning attempts – so we have been homebound today, excepting our usual outdoor ramble, revelling in hot soup, hot chocolate, and tiny, smiley-faced cookies.

Sending my small bits of hope and encouragement out into the world, in reply to a news day that’s chock-full of suffering, disaster, and tragedy. I can’t change the world, but I can offer a little light to ease the darkness of someone’s day. There is still beauty in the small details of life.

ice crystals on moss

Wishing you the simple comforts of peace and the small joys of family.




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