growth : building winter

20 02 2011

The spring equinox is still four weeks away, but I am already dreaming of flowers and warmer days:

wee embroidery

(Building Winter is a weekly meme for mid-winter: This week, what bits of your life have you relied on, slogged through, and cherished? Moving through the cold, short hours between late dawn and early sunset, we rely on the small cornerstones of our daily / weekly / seasonal routine; slog through the dull, irritating, or careening detours; and cherish the created moments that – through our own effort or others’ – reconnect us with our selves or our community.)

This past week was focused on growth: encouraging (and struggling through) the stirrings of new life, interests, skills, and willpower.

This week…

I’ve relied on:

kind and thoughtful friends who share gifts of food and news; coffee; more coffee; donuts (or muffin) and coffee. And chocolate.

I’ve slogged through:

Bebe enacting strike and yawping protest at bedtimes and naptimes; twisted, twinging, wobbly knee pain; errands that should be simple (like grocery shopping) yet were fraught with stress (Bebe shrieking like it is the Terrible & Most Horrible End of the Universe while I’m trying to seat him in a shopping cart). Oy!

I’ve cherished:

vintage shopping fun with a new friend;

a golden run of warm and sunny days for frolicking outside – no coats, sometimes no sweaters, and one day: sandals and short pants!!

windy day at ferry farm

a Skype-powered Sip & Knit with my bestest girls – plotting our Maryland Sheep & Wool 2011 shenigans;

combining my new-and-wonky crochet skills with my older-and-prettier embroidery skills to make wee little brooches.

wee blooms wip wee bloom brooches




One response

21 02 2011
Suzy Q

What beautiful embroidery! THe brooches are exquisite.
I also have to admit to identifying with those “end of the universe” complaints in shopping carts too! Happy days hey 🙂

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