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16 02 2011

Again, catching up on posts!

(Building Winter is a weekly meme for mid-winter: This week, what bits of your life have you relied on, slogged through, and cherished? Moving through the cold, short hours between late dawn and early sunset, we rely on the small cornerstones of our daily / weekly / seasonal routine; slog through the dull, irritating, or careening detours; and cherish the created moments that – through our own effort or others’ – reconnect us with our selves or our community.)

Last week was focused on creativity: following the little sparks of inspiration and feeding them with time and attention.

Last week…

I relied on:

gifts of brownies and supper pie and soup; our public library; music by Love Psychedelico, Beth Orton, and Nick Drake.

I slogged through:

sleepless nights and sleepy days; rain, drizzly rain.

I cherished:

finishing my brooches for the swap

sakura brooches

listening to Bebe amuse himself during ‘naptime’ (lying on his back in bed with feet waving in the air) by reciting his numbers and the alphabet – at top volume;

creating playscapes for playing Train and Town and Forest and Farm;

village in the living room

singing – and loving Bebe’s big, pleased smile when he shows me that he can sing, too;

and working on a few original knitting patterns – toddler sweaters and an Easter toy.

fuzzy bunny - wip




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17 02 2011

Eeeks! a sneak peek of your pretty brooches!

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