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10 02 2011

Participating in Creative Kismet’s handmade brooch exchange, I browsed through Flickr to get help pep me through finishing my brooches.

brooch inspiration mosaic

Can you tell I am dreaming of spring? The colors in this collection are darkling and wintry, but after I looking at my finds, I saw the patterns of bird, blossom, trees and forest creatures. These are all so very lovely, I’d love to own/make one of each.

brooch photos : credits

1. Organic Cotton Crochet Brooch, 2. nest, 3. blackwork brooches, 4. jewellery, 5. Chelle’s Brooch, 6. Brooch Giveaway!, 7. New Leaves Brooch, 8. 5 Cowslip pins/brooch, 9. Fragments Brooch, 10. Star Baby Pins, 11. wee treelings, 12. ghost moth brooch, 13. IMG_5001, 14. Vogelbroschen, 15. Nuevos broches

For the brooch set that I’m making, everything is cut out and ready for assembly, but after rustling and searching and sorting through my jewelry supplies, I cannot find my pin backs. Mrah! Arghh…. So there’s a trek to the craft store this evening, and then my little assembly line start back up again.

sakura brooches wip




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10 02 2011


yer blog makes me happy. thank you.

16 02 2011

ditto, miss V!

11 02 2011
Swallowing Roses

so fun!

12 02 2011
Jen Letts

Pretty in pink! Reminds me of Apple Blossoms…

15 02 2011

Looking forward to seeing more!

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