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9 02 2011

A random gathering of feathered loveliness today, in reply to a day that is overcast, with biting bursts of wind, and the kind of cold that makes my bones ache. Also in response to a toddler who Will Not Nap, preferring to read books, run around and around and back, and dance. We’re dancing a lot today. And staring into the wind, heads tucked low for warmth, watching the day with bright eyes.

bird bundle

Here’s a sweet bundle of birds, twigs, and nests, newly nestled in my fabric stash. They called out to me as we headed toward the checkout line. They sang pretty songs and asked, was there room in my nest? Of course, I said, of course you can come home with me.

I really love the red cardinals in this Choose Joy print from eva juliet on etsy.

And still, from our much-loved summer soundtrack, we’re listening to “Maybe Sparrow” by Neko Case:

Finally, here is the kernal at the heart of our day, a snippet from one of my favorite poets.

You sing, and your voice peels the husk
of the day’s grain, your song with the sun and sky,
the pine trees speak with their green tongue:
all the birds of the winter whistle.

-by Pablo Neruda

I hope you are warm in your nest today.




3 responses

9 02 2011

What a great collection of fabrics–I like the nests with the blue eggs. Wishing you much patience and extra energy for the toddler who Will Not Nap. 🙂

9 02 2011
Swallowing Roses

ah sis, i truly heard your voice talking min my head. i heard it talking to that fabric, and i smiled. of course it came home with you!

10 02 2011

🙂 Gave me a smile today. Which is difficult because my face hurts (dental surgery) and I am cranky.

The smile, it didn’t hurt. Not at all.

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