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7 02 2011

I meant to post this over the weekend, but our time ended up being people-based, away from the computer, playing with Bebe – and that is a lovely thing. Here’s another:

heart garland - wip2

(Building Winter is a weekly meme for mid-winter: This week, what bits of your life have you relied on, slogged through, and cherished? Moving through the cold, short hours between late dawn and early sunset, we rely on the small cornerstones of our daily / weekly / seasonal routine; slog through the dull, irritating, or careening detours; and cherish the created moments that – through our own effort or others’ – reconnect us with our selves or our community.)

This past week was focused on warmth: building winter in little ways to warm our hearts and bodies.

This week…

I’ve relied on:

the funny observations Bebe makes during our daily walks; making time for a little baking; spending lunchtimes with friends.

I’ve slogged through:

a backload of laundry; the small, passing thunderstorms of an emotional toddler; making slow progress through To Do lists.

I’ve cherished:

Bebe’s new penchant for singing;

wintertime knits – a Vanille sweater for Mr. P, and simple ribbed handwarmers for me;

vanille - wip ribbed hand warmers - wip

Bebe’s love of all things involving Kitchen and especially Baking;


thoughtful time spent by candlelight.

meditation by candlelight

If you are also building winter, please leave a link in the comments. I would love to see your side of the season.




4 responses

7 02 2011

This is very beautiful.
I love the idea of “Building Winter”
I also take this to heart by creating/finding
beauty in the simple things while celebrating
the season even now through the long, cold
snow filled days. Thank you for sharing how
you are building winter!

8 02 2011

My littlest is really interested in helping in the kitchen right now, too. We’re going to make cookies for the first time this week, and I can’t wait!

9 02 2011

Look at that beautiful crocheting!!! I am very impressed with you! 🙂

9 02 2011

Here, we have beautiful days and chilly nights. The chilly nights bring out the snuggle cats. Lots of purring and “bread making.” 😉

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