imagine fashion: citrus pop

2 02 2011

I love playing with Polyvore – can’t affort to buy a new wardrobe, but I can certainly browse through their image galleries and imagine a fabulous one! Here’s my newest set, inspired by the cold grey weather outside.

Weary of dreary February colors? Imagine making your own sunny day with a nice splash of orange zest and some sparkling amber. Blend in fleecy warmth, bits of berry and sea-green, and a good dollop of whimsy. Yumm!

imagine fashion: citrus pop

Bebe had A Night of Howling Discontent, followed by A Day of Muttering Crankiness, so this Mama declares thank goodness for naps. And more: our thanks to friends who make & drop off delicious dinner. How amazing is that?

Found, imagined, or given, what have been the bright spots of your day?




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3 02 2011

I would happily own every item of clothing in this collection, you have great taste! and sorry to read about Bebe.

3 02 2011

Thanks 🙂

3 02 2011

I LOVE the madtosh in your header. 🙂

Mmm. Bright colors.

OK, bright spots of my day? The ice storm left all the snow outside very shiny and looking quite winter wonderlandish. It’s really awesome looking.

Also, kiddo is wonderful and was trying to play princess dolls with the kitten. Didn’t work out too well, but the attempts were supercute.

Kitten ran off and Georgia said “I don’t know HOW to play princess with Beezer (kitten).” I replied “Use your imagination,” and she retorts indignantly, “But I LOST my imagination.”


3 02 2011

Funny!! That is such a vivid description, made me laugh 🙂

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