building winter

29 01 2011

I find that winter tends to make life feel smaller: bundled up, huddled together, focused on whatever best warms and sustains us. Stories are often brushed off and retold. Long thoughts bloom like frost on glass. The body longs to be either at rest or at play.

snow boots

Or both: rocking on a swing as we pause in our snowy afternoon walk.

Moving through the cold, short hours between late dawn and early sunset, we rely on the small cornerstones of our daily / weekly / seasonal routine; slog through the dull, irritating, or careening detours; and cherish the created moments that – through our own effort or others’ – reconnect us with our selves or our community.

This week…

I’ve relied on:

morning songs; frisky, puddle jumping walks; sipping steamy drinks from hand-warming teacups and mugs.

I’ve slogged through:

endless dish washing and floor cleaning; *ice chiseling and snow shoveling* repeat *to*.

I’ve cherished:

sharing meals with friends;

friends deliver dinner

beginning knitterly projects (Meret – Ravelry link);

meret wip

celebrating love.

painted love

This week, what bits of your life have you relied on, slogged through, and cherished?

I’ll return to this question each weekend, from now through the end of February.

building winter button

(If you’d like to participate, you are welcome to use this button.)

Let us hope
it will always be like this,
each of us going on
in our inexplicable ways
building the universe.

-by Mary Oliver, from “Song of the Builders”




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29 01 2011

oh how i love this — every single thing about it. i’m grabbing the button and doing it too. i feel your slogging. 🙂

30 01 2011

[…] speaking of perches, she’s got a month-long thing going called building winter; read this post of hers for details. This week, I […]

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