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27 01 2011

Hobbies can be expensive, depending on equipment and materials required/desired, and knitting is relatively so. It’s delightful when a loved one gives me a knitterly gift – as in, this is for your knitting, go pick out something you like.

eat sleep knit delivery

And oh, how I like this yarn: 3 skeins of Madelinetosh – tosh merino light (afternoon, ginger, and terrarium) + 1 skein Malabrigo – lace (Olive-56). They are slated to become:

pretty fingerless gloves like the ones I imagined before,

a waves-of-late-summer-grains spin on this Foggy Seas scarf (Ravelry link),

knee-high legwarmers for cold & cloudy days,

and a small, dress-it-up cardigan.

And a few other things that I’ll share later.

My 2011 knitting goals may be overambitious considering how my knitting speed has periods of total tree sloth-iness. Yet if our life is currently set to, ‘Hurry Up, Anticipate, Carry On & Wait,’ the big chunks of waiting are made more tolerable with a pair of needles and some yarn in hand. And heavily intertwined with manic, giggling toddler antics: the best things in life are free.




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27 01 2011

What lovely yarn!

I’ve all of a sudden had a burst of new knitting time as my toddler has become rather, shall we say, SLOW with mealtimes. Each meal and snack can easily take 45 minutes. Sometimes closer to an hour. Knitting makes it all the more fun. I am getting something done, he still has a chatter buddy. We both win!

28 01 2011

Thank you for the knitting tip, I tried it today! I kind of miss my toddler’s early days of completely focused eating, but his longer mealtimes also give me time to work on chores that are challenging to do when he’s running around.

28 01 2011

such gorgeous colors! i’ve been coveting MT in ginger, it’s such a rich color. i have some terrarium, but not in TML — all so gorgeous! i can’t wait to see what you do with which yarn. how lovely to have such a wonderful gift-giver. 🙂

28 01 2011

Thanks – and you’re directly responsible for my choice of Madelinetosh yarns. I used to wonder, “It’s pretty, but is it worth the expense??” Then after dreamily observing your array of MT projects, I’ve decided the answer is definitely ‘YES’ 🙂

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