gnocchi wins!

23 01 2011

Sometimes you have to take a loss.

Yesterday, it was an epic tire moment just as we were departing for a much-anticipated birthday party.

Right now, it’s the aftermath of hours of gnocchi wrestling. Occupied, lost hours: meaning our laundry remains unfolded, dishwasher unloaded, my To Do list made no progress, and the kitchen looks a mess with at least 4 open cookbooks perched on various makeshift surfaces – dishrack, toaster, table, back of the sofa.

Our evening lurched off-course following the unfortunate directions for a seemingly simple pumpkin gnocchi recipe. Sounds delicious, right? And the picture was so tempting, all golden and steamy. It seemed like a perfect cooking adventure: simple ingredients, straightforward directions, and fast results.

Yet the dough proved elusive and un-doughish, so I kept adding flour, and then another egg, and then some grated parmesan, a pinch of nutmeg, and then some more pumpkin pulp (all of this following suggestions from additional cookbooks). And then… Well, I never achieved dough, just a large vat of orange batter. Too many hours after starting to make dinner, I managed to produce maybe two dozen lopsided dumplings, which Bebe staunchly refused to eat. Of course.

Our refrigerator now holds a ridiculous mass of heavily-floured pumpkin batter, and I am open to creative solutions. Any suggestions?




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24 01 2011

Maybe some deep fried gnocci fritters sprinkled with powdered sugar ?
Sounds like delish batter whatever you do with it!

24 01 2011

Oh yum, that sounds good.

24 01 2011

As much as I am into trying (at least once) homemade *anything*–bagels, pasta, oreos, ‘nilla wafers, donuts–I freely admit to being terrified of gnocchi. Beyond the dough making, there is the precise cooking.

I’d say something here like ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ but I’d rather not get a lapful of pumpkin gnocchi batter in my lap right now 😉

24 01 2011

Actually, the cooking was very easy. It’s the non-forming of the dough that made me nuts. Grrr…

26 01 2011

Give Fabio from Top Chef a call. He’s always making gnocchi. 🙂

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