ground clearing

13 01 2011

When life hands me lemons, I start making lists.

ground clearing lists

I used to travel everywhere with a pack of sticky notes, and at some points in the work year, my office would be covered in orderly trails of Things That Must Get Done and In This Sequence. Of course things were properly documented in other ways, but I found written lists useful as visual aids for other members of my team and as a self-organizational tool. My list habit was completely cemented in the working through of hundreds of project planning checklists and cue-to-cue event schedules. I don’t remember where the habit originally came from – at a guess, it was probably due to my 3rd year of high school English teacher: he was very keen on teaching us to organize our ideas and logic and, thereby, our writing.

With life-change looming in our year ahead, possibly sad or possibly wonderful, I’m feeling the need to clear ground and re-center our lives – starting with the walls around us. And so: ground clearing lists for each area of our home.

It’s like tackling a major landscaping project (pull and clear this way, dig down 4 feet that way), and it feels good to see all the little benchmarks jotted down and ready. I’m going to hang these up and work on checking off a few things each day. Hopefully with some progress underway and a sense of ground to stand on, I’ll be ready to start the next round of lists. Ready for anything.




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13 01 2011

I like your list pads!! Even I’d make lists on that great paper. And p.s., it’s cool to see your handwriting, it’s very cool, like an architect’s or designers. I love seeing people’s hands, and their handwriting.

I’ll keep good thoughts for the wonderful possibility. 🙂

13 01 2011

I am all about the list making these days, as well.

I think you’re right, life-changing events have a way of doing that. I’m similarly motivated, I think new babes will do that, but exhausted in a way that sort of cuts the motivation.

Hopefully I’ll get just enough done over the next month or so to feel like I can breathe once this babe comes and just relax to soak in that time.

14 01 2011

What a wonderful idea! =D

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