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12 01 2011

The days are short
The sun a spark
Hung thin between
The dark and dark.

– from “January,” in A Child’s Calendar by John Updike

mister blue sky

Although you can’t see it, because it vanished behind the scudding clouds, there was a crescent moon hanging in the sky above this tree, a tiny smidge of a moon that nonetheless caught Bebe’s eye and made him crow with joy.

If you are feeling ‘hung thin, between the dark and dark,’ what brings you back to joy?




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13 01 2011

this was such a great question i’ve been sitting here thinking about it for 20 minutes. i definitely know that feeling of being hung thin between the dark and the dark, and i definitely know joy. my path from one to the other is indirect, and begins with tending with care to the exhaustion and weariness that comes with the dark; wrapping up in my handknit blanket, curling up, doing something i love that isn’t strenuous, like watching a good movie, eating or drinking something comforting, and then sleeping. when the exhaustion is gone, then i can start sneaking in little things that produce spark — certain songs (everyone laughs at me, but disco and spice girls make me giddy), certain poems, certain books — and then i’m en route back to joy. what a great poem your post started with, and what a great question to end with.

13 01 2011

About 10 years ago, while working in Japan, I went through a funny/embarrassing period that involved relatively mild intoxication + compulsive urge to sing Spice Girls songs at top volume in crowded karaoke bars. So you are not alone in your Spice Girls giddiness, I totally get that.

13 01 2011

Oh man. Up here in the Bronx we don’t get to hang out with many celestial bodies. It’s so strange for me to watch my daughter growing up without stars.

But every time she sees the moon she stops whatever she’s doing and smiles.

I’m so lucky.

13 01 2011

Yesterday’s snow day brought joy. I got away from tragic radio news (why do I listen to it?) and got outside in the cleansing snow. The air was clear, my cheeks were glowing, a walk made my limbs feel loose.

Loved your previous post about baking with your toddler. My daughter can now make pancakes and cakes from scratch by herself, except she has me crack the eggs (too gross, she’s 10).

13 01 2011


13 01 2011

Yay for puppies!

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