11 01 2011

Oh my: after an 18-hour cross-country drive, it’s alarming to come home to a broken heating system (now fixed), a broken car (now fixed), and a mysterious mega-charge on the credit card (now fixed). Also a broken major appliance, snow & freezing rain, and a small mountain of unpacking (fixes currently pending). And you know what makes small crises endurable?

chocolate chip comfort

1: Friends – lovely, thoughtful, generous friends – who immediately offer all kinds of assistance and help Get Things Done. Friends are a blessing, and I thank you all for your kindness & community.

2: Baking a mega-batch of chocolate chip cookies with Bebe. I began a learn-to-bake odyssey last January, with the lovely result being that I am no longer intimidated by baking and can whip up a batch of from-scratch cookies and share it as a happy learning experience with my toddler. Who knew?? And my favorite bit – even more than the cookies – was showing Bebe how to roll the dough into balls, the motion of which he immediately declared was “Like bicycle!”

Bebe’s running commentary on making cookies:
More? ( while adding ingredients )
Taste? ( after mixing ingredients )
Chocolate! ( on adding chocolate chips )
Spoon! Scoop? Like bicycle! ( on forming cookie dough )
Bake! Hot! No touch it! ( on placing trays in oven & later removing them )
Cookies! Nummy! My favorite! ( on eating a cookie and then sneaking two more. oy! )

Very often, I think it’s the simple and shared things that provide the most comfort.




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12 01 2011

good HEAVENS you came home to a lot of trouble! how lovely that you have such nice friends. i’m sure the possibility of having a warm chocolate chip cookie had nothing to do with their quick assistance. 🙂 mmmm, chocolate chip cookies. me want. Cookies! Nummy! My favorite!

12 01 2011

Oh, that sounds like a frustrating return, though I am glad you got home safely, what with all the *weather* we’ve been having lately.

Cookies do make everything better.

12 01 2011

Hope both of you ladies are staying warm, with another winter storm bearing down on NYC! Wishing you cookies and good company 🙂

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