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5 01 2011

Thank you, world, for having coffee. And tea. And for family members who get up early and cook bacon. Or bake biscuits. And share them, with a pot of raspberry jam and a steaming cup of just-the-way-you-like-it coffee.

I am almost deleriously sleep-deprived. Bebe has had a cold with some wretchedly congested night coughing, which wakes us often, especially when he crawls into my bed and blissfully collapses onto my face. And then he snores. Very cute, snorty snores, but astonishingly loud. Also he has been rolling off the bed – flailing in his restless sleep – and falling onto the temporary bedside cot, the Thumping, Squawking sound of which wakes us both in a state of Disoriented Panic.

So I am thankful for coffee – and definitely thankful for family.

What are you thankful for today?




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5 01 2011

Ah yes, I remember those days. Today I am very thankful for quiet. Everyone has been home from school for the holidays and now everyone has returned to their academic lives. It’s so blissfully quiet. I’m also thankful for coffee and will go myself a cup right now. Be well and I hope your little one is feeling better soon and that you get some sleep.

5 01 2011
Lovely World

A perfect description of an experience so many of us have had. Sometimes I wonder how I survived. Other times I miss having a tiny one around. Having a cup of coffee with warm biscuits and jam sounds just lovely. XO (Hope you can go and take a nap this afternoon.)

5 01 2011

Oh I know the sound all too well of snoring children and the feeling of a living hot water bottle squished against you in the middle of the night! Hope Bebe is on the mend soon and wishing you and yours a fantastic 2011 🙂

6 01 2011

Coffee. Oh yes.

7 01 2011

Oh ladies, THANK YOU for your kind & positive thoughts. Each of your comments added a little bit of sunshine to my day 🙂

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