2 01 2011

Hey there, and Happy 2011.


I so love this time of year: sparklers, champagne, hopeful plans, and optimism. And more champagne – friends & family often give us champagne as an anniversary present. Thoughtful and delightful, ne?

With a new year, there is a brand new list of fun activities to try for the Year of Lovely Things. What?? Year of Lovely Things?? If that sounds completely unfamiliar, I wrote a post explaining it all last January.

Or in recap, the Year of Lovely Things is an alternative to New Year’s resolutions, which for some reason people make into major, dragging-of-feet, Life Fixes; rarely anything fun. Personally, I usually resolve to learn how to do something that I find interesting and cool over the year. Like learn a little French. Or last year: learn how to bake desserts. Yay!

This is simple: make a list of 53 neat activities or accomplishments (there are 53 weeks in 2011, today is the end of week 1), making sure that each one can be completed in a day or a week. Voila! You now have an array of Lovely Things to sprinkle into every single week.

There’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do.

My list is all ready and will be posted tomorrow, along with sign-ups if you’re interested in trying this – again or for the first time.





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3 01 2011

What a great idea!

And happy anniversary!

28 01 2011
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