bakefest eve

30 12 2010

The eve before Christmas eve, my patient mother loaned me use of her kitchen for Bakefest the Second, this time with my neice, nephew, and Bebe as kitchen assistants. There is something superadorable about sitting at a table surrounded by little people, especially little people of the family, guiding them through the steps of…

measure, mix + mix + mix, and roll the dough;

then measure, divide, and roll dough into cookie blls – and sometimes in Bebe’s case, gleefully running off with a fistful of dough;

and finally watching (faces, hands, and and noses pressed impatiently to the glass door) through the oven window as dough transforms into bite-sized, crumbly, yumminess.

And then, of course, the delighted and very proud nibbling of self-made treats.


The kids’ pebbernodder cookies, kind of like a very spiced shortbread, recipe found in storebukkerbruse’s Flickr photostream.

apricot balls

No bake, supereasy (and for adults, very yummy with champagne) Apricot Balls, recipe found at Melissa’s tiny happy blog. Great dessert option for vegan & gluten-free diets.

honey yogurt pie

Greek Yogurt & Honey Pie looks like cheesecake (and several people thought it was) but incredibly light & fluffy. Kind of amazing flavor, actually. Recipe found at rainy day gal‘s blog.




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